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12 July 2011 @ 01:48 pm
SHINee becomes first Korean male idol group to achieve certified “Gold” for debut single.

SHINee have become the first ever male Korean idol group to attain a certified “Gold” for their debut single, “Replay“.

On July 11th, SM Entertainment announced, “SHINee, who made their debut in Japan on June 22nd, sold over 100,000 copies of their debut single, ‘Replay – You’re My Everything’, thus attaining themselves a ‘Gold Album’ certificate.”

SHINee’s single sold approximately 91,000 copies in its debut week alone, setting a record for Korean male idol groups with their debut single.

Meanwhile, SHINee will be holding their first tour, “SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour“, starting on July 22nd in Fukuoka, followed by dates in Kobe, Tokyo, Sapparo, and Nagoya on the July 23rd, 27th, 28th, August 8th and 11th, respectively.

SHINee Tops Tower Records 2011 First Half Bestseller Single Category

Idol singers such as SNSD, SHINee, and Kara swept Tower Records’ K-pop ranking charts.

According to the 2011 First Half Bestsellers released by Tower Records, SNSD and SHINee topped the K-pop album and single categories.

SNSD’s Girls’ Generation is placed 1st in the category of K-pop album, followed by Kara’s Girls’ Talk, Big Bang’s Big Bang 2, GD & Top’s GD&TOP Vol.1, and FT Island’s Five Treasure Island.

SHINee’s Replay-you are my everything is 1st place in the K-pop single category, followed by Kara’s Jet Coast Love, Jang Geunseok’s Let Me Cry, SNSD’s Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run, and 2PM’s Take Off.

DBSK’s single Why? (Keep Your Head Down) is 6th in the single category and their album Keep Your Head Down 11th in the album category.